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Facial Injuries In Kentucky Bicycle Accidents

Kentucky makes for a beautiful backdrop for bike rides for all ages. From curvy mountain roads, to bike paths along the urban landscapes of Louisville or Lexington, and in quiet neighborhoods with the family, a ride is always a good choice.

Unfortunately, riders can’t always focus on the scenery and the fresh air when forced to ride near or alongside the rush of traffic. A careless driver’s mistake can bring a trip on a bicycle to a tragic end.

A cyclist suffering a strike from a car can suffer major injuries that do harm to every part of the body. Their very appearance may also be permanently affected by a devastating facial injury.

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After enduring a facial injury in a Kentucky bicycle accident, victims can be left with incredible recovery bills and perhaps a permanent disfigurement. It’s critical that victims take action to secure the support they need from an at-fault driver’s insurance provider.

Insurance companies won’t automatically provide full compensation, but a skilled Kentucky bicycle accident facial injury lawyer works on your side to make sure you receive every benefit available.

Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, is a strong advocate for Kentucky cyclists. That’s why our law firm offers a free consultation to all Kentucky bicycle accident victims. Contact us to schedule a free case review. It’s an easy way to determine how much your bicycle injury may be worth and what you should be expecting from an insurance company.

Facial Injury Dangers for Kentucky Cyclists

Facial injuries are, unfortunately, all too common for bicycle crash victims when a strike from a car, SUV, pickup, or big rig is involved.

Riders are usually thrown from their bikes and in an effort to soften their fall, victims will throw their hands out. The protection from this instinctual move is often minimal, and victims can end up hitting face-first on pavement or the ground.

Victims can also absorb facial trauma when their heads strike any part of a vehicle, such as the hood or a side mirror. These serious wounds can require weeks or months of medical care to fully or partially heal. It’s critical that victims speak with a skilled Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyer to determine what kind of compensation they should be seeking so they aren’t left footing the bill for treatment.

Common Facial Injuries in Kentucky Bicycle Collisions

The injuries suffered in a Kentucky bicycle accident might require treatment over a single night in a trauma center. But those injuries could also require multiple surgeries and even reconstructive surgery in the months ahead.

These are just a few of the serious facial injury consequences suffered by bicycle accident victims after a major impact:

  • Broken Nose – The most common injury seen in emergency rooms. The nose may be permanently disfigured. Swelling may make breathing difficult.
  • Broken Cheekbone – Cheekbones can fracture and the points where they connect to other bones can suffer a bad break to lead to facial deformity.
  • Facial Skin Damage – A slide along pavement or a sidewalk may cause a gaping wound that requires skin grafts. A permanent scar could result. Infections are also common with this type of injury.
  • Eye Damage – The orbital bone can fracture and lead to damage to the optic nerve.
  • Teeth and Mouth Damage – A blow to the mouth can loosen or knock teeth out. Lips may suffer deep soft tissue wounds and require reconstructive surgery.
  • Broken Jaw – A blow to the chin or jawline causes the lower jaw to break or dislocate. Jaw damage can also leave teeth displaced and make chewing and talking impossible.

Compensation for a Permanent Facial Disfigurement in a Bicycle Accident

The amount you see on a settlement check will depend on several factors in your Kentucky bicycle accident injury recovery.

The totals on your medical bills and estimates on any care you may require in the future will be considered. Your time lost at work while you attempt to heal should be reimbursed. The pain and emotional trauma you endure in your accident and afterward would factor into a bicycle accident settlement. This would take into consideration the anguish of being unable to ride a bike for an extended period.

When a bicycle accident causes permanent facial disfigurement, there are additional concerns that should be addressed in any settlement offer made by a driver’s car accident insurance company:

  • Full support for immediate plastic surgery or reconstruction surgery.
  • Support for any additional corrective surgeries that may be necessary in the future.
  • The location of the wound factors into settlement amounts. Most facial scars and wounds aren’t easily concealed and rightfully earn more in an insurance settlement check. The age of the victim is also considered. The longer bicycle accident victims have to live with a disfigurement, the more they may be awarded.
  • Emotional trauma of a permanent scar. A scar or disfigurement can affect the way victims see themselves and the way others will see them. No amount of money can restore self-image and confidence in one’s appearance. Yet, support should be provided to victims so they can seek counseling and seek the best restorative care available.

Contact a Kentucky Bicycle Accident Facial Injury Lawyer

Cyclists who suffer facial injuries in an accident have up to two years to file an injury claim against a careless driver. This may seem like there’s plenty of time, but you should bring your case to a skilled Kentucky bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. In the early going, it’ll be easier to secure the fresh evidence and track down the witnesses you’ll need to hold an insurance company full accountable.

Talk to a Kentucky Bike Accident Lawyer you can trust to be on your side and fight for your fair compensation. To discuss your case in a free consultation with a real Kentucky lawyer, contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC today, by clicking here. If you decide we can help you earn the most for your bicycle accident facial injury claim, you won’t need any money. We don’t get paid unless we win your case.

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