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Kentucky Bicycle Accidents Involving Head Injuries

A bike ride might take you through the neighborhoods in Lexington or Louisville or along the curvy country roads of Kentucky. Our state is a great place to travel by bike, but bicyclists are rarely in a spot where careless and reckless drivers can’t reach them.

A motorist not paying attention or traveling a bit too fast can place a vulnerable cyclist in a dangerous position between a curb and a heavy metal vehicle. When bicyclists are seriously hurt and suffering from a head injury, they must receive the best medical care Kentucky has to offer and they should never be held accountable for the costs of that treatment.

Contact a Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyer after Suffering a Head Injury

Kentucky cyclists who suffer serious head injuries in an accident involving a vehicle should know every option and benefit available to them in recovery. The insurance companies for at-fault drivers can be asked for compensation to pay for hospital bills, to replace lost time at work, and for many other hardships bicycle accident victims experience.

Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, is a strong advocate for Kentucky cyclists. We want safe rides for bicyclists of all ages and skill levels. That’s why our law firm offers a free consultation to all Kentucky bicycle accident victims. Contact us to schedule a free case review. It’s an easy way to determine how much your bicycle injury may be worth and what you should be expecting from an insurance company.

Kentucky Bicycle Accident Head Injury Dangers

In their annual report for 2020, the Kentucky State Police reported 337 collisions involving bicyclists across the state. They also recorded 4 tragic cycling deaths and 26 victims with serious injuries. Of course, many other victims suffered minor to moderate injuries.

When someone on a bike is involved in a crash the chances of a head injury are very high. According to accident research, anywhere between 70% and 80% of bicycle accidents involve a head injury.

Bicycle helmets are incredibly effective in reducing the severity of head injuries when Kentucky bicycle accidents occur. However, Kentucky doesn’t require cyclists to wear helmets. Cyclists should know that if they are injured in a collision with a vehicle without a helmet on, they can still file a bicycle accident injury claim and seek compensation from an at-fault driver.

Common Kentucky Bicycle Accident Head Injuries

Bicycle accident victims must seek full financial support after a serious injury because they won’t know how long their injury will affect their lives. Recovery could take a few weeks or require years of rehabilitation. Victims may never be able to return to their bikes.

The outcomes vary greatly, especially when a brain injury is involved. Doctors won’t always be able to give a definite estimate on when full recovery is possible.

These are just a few of the most common types of head injuries after a bicycle accident:

  • Cranial Bone Fractures – This involves skull fractures, but the jaw and some facial bones are considered part of the skull. A closed fracture, when the skull is broken without a cut or opening in the skin, can be hard to detect, but bleeding from the nose or ears is a symptom.
  • Blood Clots – Blood build-up in the brain or between the brain and the skull will cause a stroke. Victims will have problems with vision and speaking. They may have seizures and also experience a loss of control on one side of the body.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) – Concussions are one result of a TBI. Victims can also experience light sensitivity, short and long-term memory loss, and a loss of control of parts of the body.
  • Skin and Scalp Damage – A rough landing on the road can cause skin abrasions known as “road rash.” This can occur on the head and create permanent scars and even leave spots where hair simply won’t grow back.

Compensation Available After a Kentucky Bicycle Accident Head Injury

As you recover, you’re Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyer will be collecting every hospital bill you receive. Your lawyer will also ask you for paystubs for the income you’re losing as you must miss more and more time at work.

These losses will be added to a growing list that will be submitted to the insurance company when your case is ready to be filed. A settlement check total will be determined by these and other hardships you should be earning compensation for:

  • Totals on hospital bills and estimates on future care expected to be necessary.
  • Totals on any physical therapy necessary to get you in shape to return to your bike.
  • The costs you’ll encounter over a lifetime when confronted with permanent disfigurement or permanent disability.
  • Pain and suffering. This includes the PTSD and anxiety you experience as a result of being in a traumatic accident. Victims should also earn support as they deal with a loss of enjoyment of life, especially if they can’t return to the bike rides they love.
  • Reimbursement for the income and benefits you lose while you can’t work.
  • Money for a new bike.
  • Wrongful death benefits. Families may file a civil claim to earn important financial support for their hardships now and the hardships they’ll endure in the years to come.

Contact a Kentucky Bicycle Accident Head Injury Lawyer

Cyclists who suffer head injuries in a Kentucky accident have up to two years to file an injury claim against a careless driver. This may seem like there’s plenty of time, but you should turn over your case to a skilled Kentucky bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. In the early going, it’ll be easier to secure the fresh evidence and track down the witnesses you’ll need to hold an insurance company full accountable.

Talk to a Kentucky Bike Accident Lawyer you can trust to be on your side and fight for your fair compensation. To discuss your case in a free consultation with a real Kentucky lawyer, contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC today, by clicking here. If you decide we can help you earn the most for your bicycle accident facial injury claim, you won’t need any money. We don’t get paid unless we win your case.

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