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Louisville Sam’s Club Slip-And-Fall Accident Lawyer

You may be a true grocery shopping expert and you may love the prices and quantities sold at Sam’s Club in Louisville. You might even have a strategy for conquering each department on that giant warehouse floor.

Sam’s Club can save families and businesses a lot of time and money by offering truly gargantuan sized packs of everything from hamburger meat, paper towels, and peanut butter. However, these great qualities should not come at the expense of safety. Sam’s Club should be monitoring each square foot of their stores and every foot of their parking lot and gas stations for hazards that could hurt you on your next grocery day.

Support for Sam’s Club Fall Victims in Louisville

Almost anything can spill, scatter, or ooze across a hard tile floor. Sam’s floors get plenty of foot traffic all day long. Customers can drop a glass jar of jelly, a child can leave a puddle of fruit juice, dish detergent may leak out into the aisle. All of these seem like small obstacles, but if you lose your footing and take a tumble, you might end up with a serious injury like a fracture or a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

If you are the victim of a slip-and-fall accident at Sam’s Club you should not believe that Sam’s Club representatives are going to automatically take care of you and provide hospital coverage. In fact, they may do the opposite. They may try to blame you for your fall. Don’t face these kinds of tricks yourself. Contact a slip-and-fall accident expert with Kaufman & Stigger Injury Lawyer, PLLC. You’ll be able to explain what happened to you and then we’ll provide a free evaluation of your case. Find out what you may be missing out on and what Sam’s Club won’t tell you.

Slip-And-Fall Hazards at Sam’s Club in Louisville

People can head into southern Louisville to visit the Sam’s location on Preston Highway or they can drive over to the eastern location on Alliant Avenue. Either place offers all the services you’ve come to expect, but the hazards that can pop up at either location can change with each rush of shoppers throughout the day.

These are just a few of the danger spots you might encounter on your next visit:

  • Outside Sam’s Club – Sam’s gas stations can be hazardous places as oil and other car gunk starts to build-up on the cement. You might be pumping gas when you hit a slick spot and fall between your vehicle and the pump. A pothole in the parking lot may send you into a trip-and-fall accident. Landscaping tools or ground cover could also be the fall hazard that takes you down. If snow and ice are left to accumulate on the parking surfaces you could take a slide and get injured.
  • Inside Sam’s Club – The Sam’s Club Café can be the first stop on a shopping trip and from there customers can carry large drinks and drippy food across the store. Employees should be patrolling aisles to clean up messes, but this doesn’t always get done. The hazard that sends you falling may be on the bathroom floor, near the frozen foods, or in the fruit and produce section. You could even fall in the check-out line on something the customer in front of you left behind.

Sam’s Club Liability in a Fall

This duty to keep all Sam’s Club visitors safe falls under premises liability laws. If you are injured by a hazard that Sam’s Club created or by a hazard someone else created and it wasn’t mopped up or repaired in a reasonable amount of time you should never have to pay for your recovery.

The trouble is that often Sam’s Club’s lawyers will be hoping to just cover the basics of your recent care, without bringing up the fact that you might need physical therapy or surgery in the months and years to come. These potential costs have to be factored into any settlement now because you likely won’t be able to file a second claim against Sam’s after you sign off on your current settlement.

The other hitch is that Sam’s Club may get desperate to avoid paying for your recovery and start trying to find ways to blame you for your own accident. They may say you were not paying attention when you fell or were ignoring safety signs at the time. Even if you are partially at fault for your own accident, Sam’s Club may also have to share the blame.

  • Comparative Negligence – In Kentucky, victims can share blame in a slip-and-fall accident with a store owner or operator. Both parties would be assigned a percentage of the blame and Sam’s Club would have to pay victims compensation for their part. Victims can still receive a significant award to help pay for medical care and recover lost wages at work.

Contact a Louisville Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

If you take a painful fall on Sam’s Club property do not suffer in silence. A store and its operators can be held liable for any hazard or obstacle they didn’t take care of in a reasonable amount of time. If they didn’t protect you from getting hurt they must now protect you financially from hardships during your recovery.

Talk to a Louisville Slip-And-Fall Attorney you can trust to be on your side and fight for your fair compensation. The attorneys at Kaufman &  Stigger, PLLC, have that knowledge and a combined 100 years’ experience in helping clients get the compensation they’ll need to make a full recovery. To discuss your case, contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC today, by clicking here to contact them online.

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