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There’s so many different ways to get around Covington. Particularly in the city’s more crowded locations, one of the more popular ways that’s popped up in recent years is by electric scooter. But as the below story from the Cincinnati Enquirer shows, this can be dangerous.

A person was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with serious injuries after they were struck by a car while riding an electric scooter on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 28, 2024. The Covington Police Department (CPD) was responding to an unrelated call on Park Place and Scott Street when they saw a car collide with the person on the scooter.

Ambulance and fire crews were dispatched to help with the scene. The person on the scooter was reported to be in stable condition as of 6:15 p.m. Tuesday. According to CPD, the person driving the car remained at the scene and was cooperating. No charges have been filed.

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Can You File an Injury Claim When You’re Hurt in a Scooter Accident?

The good news, relatively speaking, is that you have the same rights as anyone else that’s hit by a car when you’re on a scooter–as long as you are following the rules. Basically, as long as you were attempting to cross the street at a crosswalk, you can file an injury claim if you’re hit by a car or vehicle in Kentucky.

Unfortunately though, as the above story shows, the injuries you will likely have to go through in these accidents are going to be serious. Head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, neck or spinal injuries, and cuts and bruises are all common in these types of accidents. The question, then, is what you need to do for your potential claim. Whenever you’re hurt in one of these accidents, you’ll want to make sure to:

  • Get medical care right away at the scene by ambulance, then get further care at a hospital
  • Call the police to help with gathering information and clear the scene
  • Document what happened, including taking notes of anything that led up to the accident
  • Take pictures and videos of the accident scene, including any injuries and damage to your property
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with anyone else involved
  • If you rented the scooter, get information from the rental company about any maintenance issues or similar incidents

With your health and safety taken care of, you can start thinking about your legal options. At that point, you should consider reaching out to our team of Covington personal injury lawyers. You aren’t required to have a lawyer, but having one–particularly in this situation–can be extremely beneficial.

Legal Support After a Covington Accident

If you’re in a scooter accident or any other type of accident in Covington, you’re probably dealing with significant physical, mental, and financial hurdles. No matter what the cause of your accident is, Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC is here to stand by you as you recover.

Our skilled team of personal injury attorneys in Covington offers thorough legal guidance and support every step of the way. If you or a family member has been injured, contact us today to set up a free consultation to talk about your options.