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Slip-And-Fall Accidents At Thorntons Gas Stations In Lexington KY

It’s the odd thing about driving. We can sit behind the wheel all day, moving very little, but still, build up a big appetite. When you get hungry or thirsty on the road in Lexington, it’s always nice to see the red, white, and blue roof of a Thorntons Gas Station.

Thorntons provides food, drink, bathroom breaks, and of course fuel at nine locations or more in and around the city. There are hundreds of options inside, but all of those options also provide the chance of an obstacle ending up on the floor. A customer can drop a soda, a car can leak oil and suddenly your foot finds that puddle and slides. You end up on your back with a broken bone or worse. Will anyone take responsibility and help you during recovery?

Securing Assistance for Slip-And-Fall Victims in Lexington

You could be stopping in for a fill-up and suddenly be sent to the ground by a hazard on the floor inside a Thorntons. If you suffer an injury like a blow to the head or a broken bone, you could see thousands of dollars in medical and physical therapy bills. The attorneys with Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, of Lexington never want you to face these hardships alone, especially over an accident that wasn’t your fault.

When Thorntons’ negligence leaves you injured they should step up to take responsibility. Sadly, that probably won’t be the case and you could have to prove your case to force them to help you with your recovery. Don’t take up this fight alone.  Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Slip-And-Fall Hazards at Thorntons Gas Stations in Lexington

Thorntons is a homegrown company based in Louisville, but you can find them in five other states as well. Thorntons doesn’t just try to keep your tank topped off. They want to draw in the thirsty and hungry too.

Thorntons locations offer rolling racks of hot dogs, warm cases of breakfast biscuits and sandwiches, and don’t forget the donuts. It’s all made fresh daily, but customers serve themselves by grabbing what they need. This can lead to hazards when someone gets careless and food ends up on the floor or a puddle of coffee finds its way across an aisle. You could end up slipping on a spill that’s sat there for over an hour and should have spotted and cleaned up before you ever came along.

The dangers can also arise in the parking lot. A pothole might stop your foot and launch you forward to land on your knee. You could also go to catch yourself and break fingers or an elbow. Missing catching yourself may mean you land on your face and damage your teeth or break your jaw. These terrible outcomes aren’t possible if the property owners had fixed the pothole in a reasonable amount of time.

What to Do If You’re Injured at a Thorntons Gas Station

The moment you take a tumble at a business, your case begins. You’ll be trying to prove that with some extra care on the part of the local owner or corporation, your injury would have been prevented. Representatives with Thorntons will immediately start questioning the circumstances of your accident, trying to get you to accept the blame for your fall.

This denial of responsibility that usually occurs means you should try to gather as much evidence as you can right from the start as long as you feel up to it.

  • Dial 911 if you need medical assistance. Don’t try to move if you experience pain. Make sure paramedics document every injury you have.
  • Use your Phone to get pictures. Grab photos and video of the scene where you fell. Clearly show the obstacle that caused your slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall. Note any warning signs set up or the lack of signs. Get a picture of any visible injuries or damaged personal property.
  • Alert a manager. Businesses require that an accident report is filled out. Allow a gas station employee to get your information. Tell them what happened but don’t say things that they can use later to deny your claim. Don’t say you weren’t injured because you may not realize how badly you’re hurt. Don’t say the fall was your fault. Let your attorney determine who is to blame.
  • Talk to witnesses. Witnesses may have seen you fall or may just be able to confirm that the hazard was indeed there. Ask witnesses and even employees if they’ll testify to what they saw while you record them with your phone. Get their contact information.
  • Visit your own doctor. Have your doctor check out all injuries and include them on your chart. Note any pain that arises the day after an accident. The shock of a fall can mask an injury until the days that follow.

Contact a Lexington Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

The Lexington Gas Station Slip-And-Fall Attorneys with Kaufman &  Stigger, PLLC, have a combined 100 years of experience winning their clients substantial settlements and verdicts. We know this compensation is absolutely vital for victims who are trying to recover from serious injuries suffered in a slip-and-fall. For a free consultation on your case contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC today.

Our attorneys believe that all residents of Kentucky deserve quality legal representation, so you pay nothing upfront and won’t owe us a thing unless we win or earn a settlement for your claim.

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