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Louisville Comfort Inn Accident Lawyer

Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC represents hotel injury victims across Louisville, including those that have been hurt at Comfort Inn. Of the many different types of accidents that can happen to you or a loved one at one of these hotels, many can be avoided or prevented. This makes an injury all the more frustrating, but our hotel injury lawyers can help you. Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

The answer here depends on the circumstances of what happened and your needs. Hopefully, your particular accident and injuries are minor. In that case, you probably don’t need to worry about legal action. However, if your injuries are more severe, you’re going to need much more extensive help. It’s here that our lawyers can step in and fight for your rights.

Next Steps After a Hotel Accident

What you need and what you should do after a hotel accident are very closely related. As with any accident, your health and safety should be your first priority. Taking care of that will allow other things to take care of themselves. Still, here’s what you should do:

  • Get medical care – Your health is important. Even if you feel okay, you might have hidden injuries. Ask the hotel for first aid and then go to a clinic or hospital for a check-up. Keep all medical records, like bills and receipts.
  • Inform the hotel about the accident – Tell a worker, manager, or supervisor at the hotel as soon as possible. Ask for a written report or make one yourself, explaining where and when it happened and what caused it.
  • Take pictures or videos – Use your phone to take photos or videos of where the accident happened and any hazards that caused it. Remember to note the date, time, and contact details of any witnesses.
  • Keep damaged property – When your personal items are damaged, don’t repair them. They could be evidence for your case later on.

Legal options

Taking these steps is crucial. Comfort Inn and its insurance company will try to protect their interests, so by following these steps, you strengthen your claim for damages. But the process for getting these damages usually involves: 

  • Filing an insurance claim
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit

Filing an insurance claim is less formal and might result in faster access to money via a settlement offer. However, the insurance company’s goal is to pay out as little as possible while safeguarding their insured.

In contrast, a lawsuit is overseen by a judge and jury, but it typically demands more time and effort from you. Nevertheless, it presents a greater opportunity to secure a higher settlement offer or verdict, referred to as “damages.”

Injuries and Liability in a Hotel Accident

There’s a lot of things that can happen to you while you’re at a Comfort Inn.

Accidents stemming from slippery surfaces, uneven flooring, or obstacles in hallways or other areas of the hotel. 

  • Injuries resulting from exposure to hot water, steam, or malfunctioning appliances. 
  • Harm inflicted by broken glass, sharp edges on furniture, or collisions with objects.
  • Injuries from assaults or theft incidents.
  • Injuries caused by lifting heavy objects, ergonomic issues, or slipping on uneven surfaces.
  • Harm due to faulty wiring, malfunctioning appliances, or poorly maintained electrical systems.
  • Injuries varying from minor bumps to concussions due to falling objects, collisions, or slipping on wet surfaces.
  • Fractures or breaks resulting from falls from heights, slipping on stairs, or accidents involving heavy objects.
  • Injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments due to impacts with objects or surfaces.
  • Respiratory issues caused by exposure to harmful chemicals or allergens during cleaning or maintenance tasks.
  • Illnesses resulting from improper food handling, contamination, or inadequate management of allergies.


In legal terms, when there’s an accident or injuries at a Comfort Inn, it falls under “premises liability.” Any injury claim starts by establishing responsibility. Generally, the hotel holds some responsibility, but specifics depend on the situation. Liability is determined by negligence, which means:

  • The hotel is obligated to ensure your safety and that of others while you’re there.

If they neglect known hazards or overlook something they should’ve addressed (such as failing to supervise your child while swimming), they’re responsible for any resulting harm.

Other potentially liable parties include:

  • Other guests
  • Hotel staff
  • Contractors (such as maintenance or security workers)
  • Product manufacturers
  • Designers of the rooms or layout

The reason figuring out liability is so important is because that determines who actually pays for your damages.

Damages in a Hotel Injury Claim

No matter which option you choose for your claim, the goal is to recover “damages” from the responsible parties. Usually, this revolves around your losses. A successful claim will allow you to potentially recover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Repair or replacement costs for property damage
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Strengthening your claim

Obviously, every case is different. At the same time, your damages are extremely important for your overall recovery. So, it’s important to make your case as strong as possible. ANd to do that, it’s going to rely on the evidence you can present. Here’s some of the most common pieces of evidence in these cases:

  • Medical records – Medical records, doctor’s notes, and receipts for medical treatment provide clear evidence of your injuries and the medical care you received.
  • Photographs and videos – Visual evidence of the accident scene, injuries, property damage, and any contributing factors such as hazards or unsafe conditions can support your claim.
  • Witness statements – Statements from eyewitnesses who saw the accident occur or can testify to the circumstances leading up to it can corroborate your version of events.
  • Police or incident reports – Official reports filed by law enforcement or other authorities can document the details of the accident and provide an unbiased account of what happened.
  • Documentation of expenses – Keep records of all expenses related to the accident, including medical bills, repair estimates, receipts for damaged property, and any other costs incurred as a result of the incident.
  • Correspondence and communication – Emails, letters, or other correspondence with the hotel, insurance companies, or any other involved parties can serve as evidence of your efforts to address the situation.
  • Journals – Keep a journal or diary documenting your experiences, pain levels, and the impact of the accident on your daily life. This can help demonstrate the ongoing effects of your injuries and emotional distress.

Dedicated Hotel Injury Lawyers in Louisville

Staying at a Comfort Inn or any other hotel in Louisville should be a stress-free experience, but accidents do occur. Our dedicated team of hotel injury lawyers at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC is here to make sure your rights are protected and that you get the financial and legal support you need to recover. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your situation and explore your options.

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